8 Best Browsers for Android

Androids have quickly gained popularity and are used to browse the internet even more than desktops now. In fact, about 57% of searches conducted in the United States were on mobiles. That said, it is important for you, the user, to select a web browser that is not only convenient to use but is even safe.

Thanks to the open source nature of Android, loads of web browsers have come up in the Google Play Store. However, there are a few that stand out and provide the best browsing experience possible on mobiles. Here are the best browsers for Android users:

1. Puffin Browser

Puffin Browser is a solid browser for Android with features that cannot be matched by any other. It’s got all the standard features that can be found in other browsers such as an Incognito Mode and an option to view the desktop version of the website. It’s also got a strong data saver that makes it possible for you to not just save data but even speed up the loading of the websites.

However, the data saver of Puffin Browser is extremely advanced and gives complete control to you. You can choose when you want your data saver on. At the same time, you have complete control over the streaming quality of videos and the resolution of images. This way, you can further optimize the use of your data and improve the video and page loading speeds.

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It also makes it very easy for you to share a website without having to go through the process of copy-pasting the link. All you need to do is click on the Share option and the browser will give you options of where to share it.

The two most solid features of Puffin Browser, though, are its Mouse and GamePad options. Ever dreamt of browsing on your mobile just the way you do on your desktop or laptop? With Puffin Browser, you can have the mouse cursor and move it to different parts of the screen by moving your fingers.

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Similarly, the GamePad makes the Puffin Browser a paradise for gamers. All those who wish to play games on the browser will no longer need to depend on just touch. You can use the GamePad to move around in the game just the way you do using a joystick on PlayStation. At the same time, it’s got 4 buttons that can be used to play the game as well. However, if you don’t wish to play games but just wish to browse the web, the GamePad can still help you out by helping you scroll pages and even execute a few commands. These include Esc, Enter, Space, and X. All of these can be accomplished with the simple taps of the buttons.

Lastly, to help you escape spammy websites, it’s got an in-built pop-up blocker which you can choose to switch off as well.

While Puffin is a great browser for Android mobile, it’s got a TV variant for those TVs that run on Android as well. You can get the same, classic browsing experience on your TV too with Puffin Browser.

2. Google Chrome

Google Chrome remains one of the most popular browsers on both mobiles and desktops. It boasts of an in-built data saver that compresses all the images that are on the webpage to ensure that it loads fast. It also has the Incognito Mode that allows you to browse the web without saving any cookies or history.

You can also switch between the desktop and mobile versions of web pages quickly on it. Lastly, it has a casting feature which allows you to cast videos from within your browser itself. While it doesn’t have loads of other fancy features, it’s the simplified nature of this browser that gives it the loyal fan-following that it has.

3. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to mobile browsers. This easy-to-use browser has features that are fairly similar to those of Chrome. You can use it for private browsing and even save up on data using the data saver feature. It also provides the option to view the desktop versions of websites. It even supports loads of add-ons that can give added functionality to the app. Lastly, just like Google Chrome, Firefox also helps you cast videos from the browser using Chromecast.

4. UC Browser

UC Browser is one of the best browsers for those who wish to browse in different languages. It provides you loads of customization options with themes that can change the look of the browser and the night mode which will allow you to browse comfortably in the dark too.

The in-built data saver in UC Browser makes it possible to save loads of data and speed up your page loading time as well. The home page of the browser takes the cake thanks to the viral content that it displays. You can easily find the latest and most popular videos and stories right there. Lastly, UC Browser also supports incognito browsing.

5. Opera Browser

Opera Browser for Android boasts of loads of features. The most important feature among all being its ad blocker. You can easily escape all the ads by enabling the adblocker on Opera. It’s also got an in-built data saver that allows you to choose the level of data compression too between low, medium, and high.

You can also see the desktop version of websites on Opera and even force text wrapping to ensure that all the text fits in your mobile’s screen. It also gives you the option to force zoom on websites which don’t provide this option. For those who love reading late at night, it has a night mode feature that reduces the brightness even below that of the phone. It also includes a pop-up blocker and gives you the option to save offline pages. This way, you can avoid spam and at the same time, you can even access your favorite pages without any network connectivity.

6. Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser is yet another popular browser among Android users. Just like the other browsers, this browser too has an Incognito mode and allows you to view the desktop version of websites.

If you wish to have lesser brightness while reading at night, it has a Night Mode option that turns the screen black. It is often so that we find that the size of the mobile screen isn’t big enough for us. In such a case, Dolphin Browser gives you the full-screen option so that you can browse by utilizing the entire screen of your Android.

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You even have the option to disable images so that websites consume lesser data and load faster. It even features an adblocker. However, the most unique features of this browser are the Sonar and Gesture features through which you can make custom gestures to open websites or shake the mobile and speak the name of the website to open it. It also features loads of advanced options such as Smart Cache which can help you open websites faster.

7. Ecosia

Ecosia is a browser unlike any others. It was made with the purpose of giving back to nature. From the ad revenue that is generated through your searches, they plant trees around the world. Till date, over 53 million trees have been planted by them.

While the browser has features that are extremely similar to that of Google Chrome, it’s the purpose behind it that takes the cake. It’s got a built-in adblocker that allows you to block all the ads that websites display when you’re browsing on it. However, if you wish to see some ads that are positive and non-intrusive, they have a special option that allows you to view “Acceptable Ads.” You may also create a list of whitelisted websites. On these websites, you’ll be able to see advertisements.

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For those websites where the zoom option isn’t available, you can simply select the “Force Enable Zoom” option and force zooming on those websites. Similarly, it also has the option to display a simplified view of text so that it’s easy and convenient for you to read long articles.

It also has a pop-up blocker. However, it lacks the much-needed data saver that other browsers have. Lastly, you can view the desktop version of websites using this browser too.

8. Microsoft Edge

The Android version of Microsoft’s famous browser Edge is simple to use and is fairly fast as well. It packs all the features that should be expected from a mobile browser. These include InPrivate Browsing and the ability to view the desktop version of the websites.

Apart from these basic functions, the browser also has the option to switch between a reading mode and a normal webpage to enable a better reading experience for the users. It also has a dynamic translator that can translate web pages that are displayed in other languages.

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It also includes Adblock Plus which blocks all the ads on websites to improve your overall browsing experience. Additionally, if you’re an avid news reader, you can enable the NewsGuard service to check for news ratings.

You also have the option to download a page so that you can view it later when you’re offline.

Final Thoughts

There are loads of web browsers out there for Android. However, browsers like Puffin are changing the way you can browse with unique features. Choosing a good browser is critical to ensure that your browsing experience is both safe and fulfilling.