Best Android Apps To Learn Geography Like A Pro

Geography is a scientific study of earth which requires both expansive and in-depth understanding. Though the field itself is fascinating, it can be a daunting task for both teachers and students to unravel the complexities of planet earth, it’s formations, and features. The technology has been of help here. From cartography and geographical information systems, to remote sensing and spatial analysis machines, technology has finally evolved enough for us to learn geography through mobile apps, making the task simpler, intuitive, and of course, fun. Explore these Android apps to feed the geography enthusiast in you, or simply to ace that geography exam.

50 States

As you’d have guessed, 50 States is the app to master your geography of all the 50 states of the USA. Starting from their names, capitals and population, you get to know about the area, the flag, the contour map, and even the famous nicknames (you might know The Big Apple, but do you know which one’s called the Show Me State?).

You can look up any state with a clickable map and also test your knowledge in the quiz mode. Whether you’re a US student, someone planning to move to the US, or just curious about the country’s geography, 50 states is the app for you. Ask hundreds of thousands of people who’re happily using the app. So whether you’re a citizen, a traveller, or an expat, 50 States is the app for you. Here’s the link to download it for your Android device.

Countries Of the World

Moving on to the other 194 countries, here’s an app for the world citizen or the dreamy globetrotter. Countries of the World provides you key information of all the 195 recognized countries on the planet. You get really comprehensive and latest information including capital, currency, population, languages, location and flag among other insights into each nation. Wait, it gets better. Instead of mugging up all this information, you learn it through various gaming modes and quizzes and further unlock achievements in the app.

An audio is also included to help you with all the tricky pronunciations (the capital of Tonga is Nukuʻalofa). Countries of World is like a good trick up your sleeve when talking to friends about world news, travel plans, or political geography. Download the App for your Android device and start exploring.

Flags of the World

Shout out to all the part time vexillologist out there! Flags of the Word is the app for you. You get to learn and distinguish the flags of all the 195 countries and over 50 dependent territories in a fun, gamified approach. The flags are divided into three levels: well known (US, Canada), harder to identify (Armenia, Bhutan), and dependent territories (Gibraltar, Macau). You can even play with all the 250 flags or guess a country’s capital by looking at its flag. You can learn through a tabular view, or customised flash cards, time-bound puzzles, or multiple choice questions, the options in Flags of the World are, well, expansive. Join the community of 1 million+ users who are building or testing their knowledge about the flags of the world. Download the app now. It’s available in over 23 languages.

Geography Master Quiz

Another simple and super-useful addition to list of great apps for learning geography. Geography Master Quiz fills you in on the capitals, monuments, borders, landscapes, and nations of the world through gamified quizzes that you can play solo, or with your friends in a challenge. As you progress through the game, you unlock achievements and collect more stars with your increased knowledge of world geography. It is also an app where fresh geographical facts are added regularly. So go ahead, download the app on your Android phone.

Geography Quiz Game 3D

If Geography had her own Street Fighter app, it would be this. Geography Quiz Game 3D is an exceptionally well designed and addictive android app that lets you travel around the world by answering correct questions. Embark on this globetrotting journey with your friends as you answer questions about countries, capitals, major cities, languages, landmarks, rivers, Etc. If you want to advance faster than your opponents you can use the ‘helps’ option or even choose the ‘traps’ option if you want to slow your opponents. This is an entertaining game of geography quizzes which also includes a race. You can spend hours with this free app because the quiz is highly addictive, and of course, leaves you a lot smarter every time you play! Download the app to enjoy 3D gaming and learning experience.

Geography Quiz – City Puzzle

Nothing works better than old school visual aids for learning. Geography Quiz – City Puzzle is about guessing the city or country by looking at photographs of iconic places. You try to identify a city/country by seeing a part of one of its iconic places. Keep unlocking the photo square by square with each tap until you guess the destination. The fewer your taps, the higher your points. It’s a great app for kids trying to learn about the world, and even for adults who want to memorize all the famous landmarks around the world. Download the app and start playing.


Let’s begin with the fact that Mashable and have already praised MapMaster. This free app lets you understand the physical and political geography by manually ‘pinning’ various cities, countries, and physical features like lakes, mountain ranges etc across the world. It comes with a Study Node to prep you before you take on your opponents in a Multiplayer Mode or take one of the Time Attack challenges. This pin drop map game has over 450 destinations and can be played on your android smartphone as well as tablet. Not to miss, the Wikipedia integration ensures you’ve more information handy about each place you pin. This is as good as it gets! Download MapMaster to master the world map.

These were some of our top picks that ensure you learn geography in a fun, intuitive and interactive way. Download the app you fancy the most, and start building mad geography skills and impress your friends on the way!