Locus Map – Trekking and Cycling Simplified

Outdoor activities are not just exciting but are filled with little adventures too. There are thousands of trekking, biking, and geocaching trails all around the world but these can be difficult to spot. There are some great map apps out there but few are specifically dedicated to these activities. Locus Map is one such app that provides you with all the information you need for your hiking and cycling plans.

Trek And Cycle Away

While apps such as ViewRanger only have trails from about 23 countries, Locus Map allows you to explore the world! It also provides nautical charts and town plans. With GPS enabled, you can easily track your location on the maps too! Whenever you’re heading out for a trek or a biking adventure, you can start off the navigation feature on the maps.

All you need to do is head to the Route Planner and select your starting and ending point. The app will chart a route for you based on your preferred mode. You can then start navigation and get guided directions throughout the path. The navigation will assist you at every single point of your journey and will negate the need to have another handheld GPS navigation. You can even customize the navigation route by uploading your own tracks and places of interest.

Offline Maps

Trekking trails often have no network but Locus Map solves this problem by giving you the option of offline maps of the whole world! Head over to the Maps option and navigate between offline maps, online maps and WMS (Web Map Service).

You have the options of adding new maps in every single category. This gives you tremendous flexibility over the types of maps you can use.

Go Geocaching

While other apps like All Trails can help you spot out trails around the world, Locus Map shows you geocaches as well. You can also download geocaches from all around the world and head out hunting for them. You’ll even get access to the images, logs of your friends, and the complete listing while hunting. However, this is an add-on and will be required to be downloaded separately, free of cost. Choose navigation or go old school with the in-built compass option during your hunt; the choice is yours!

Search For Anything, Literally!

You can make use of the search facility to look for addresses and places both online and offline. Never will you have to remember the path to your contacts’ homes as you can simply search and display their address through Locus. All you need to do is add their addresses to your mobile device and then download the add-on, free of cost. The search feature also allows you to move to any part of the map by simply searching for it.

You can even search tracks and points which are stored locally. For further searches, you can purchase the pro version and the app can look through geotagged locations on Wikipedia too. It can even look through GeoNames and GNS.

Track Everything

Whenever you’re heading out, you can record your tracks with Locus Map. You can choose your recording profile between cycling and walking and start the recording. This way, you’ll have breadcrumbs throughout the route you’ve traversed. This will help you figure out your speed, distance traveled, elevation data, and more! It can even help you in finding your way back in case you’ve missed the track. All you have to do is follow the breadcrumbs back!

Unlimited Customization

You can add points by yourself or download them from databases from around the world. These can easily be added to the maps and you can manage and edit them all through the app. All you need to do is tap on points and add them away. The custom tracks can be added in a similar manner. Apart from these, Locus Map has its own points of interest which include ATMs, churches, landmarks, hill peaks, and other civic facilities.

Taking it a step further, you can add your points of interest, photos, videos, and sound recordings to the recorded tracks too. You can even organize your added points and tracks into various folders and groups.

To further process your points, you can export them from Locus Map and transfer to any other mobile or desktop application. This can be done for both single points and a group of points.  The same applies to the tracks that are saved in the app.

Want to share your location with the rest of the Locus Map users? You can do that as well by enabling the live tracking option and start showing off your treks!

This app enables you to go on your hiking or biking adventures without any worries. With unlimited options and customizations, Locus Map makes adventures easy!