Opera Browser: An All Rounder

The Opera Browser is based on the Blink engine, which is also used by Google for both the desktop and mobile versions of Google Chrome. While Google Chrome has become the go-to browser on mobiles, Opera has created a niche for itself in Androids.

The desktop version of the Opera Browser is perfect for anybody who wants added flexibility. It comes with inbuilt adblocker and a VPN so that you can browse the web with complete anonymity.

With the [email protected] Browser, you can get all those features of Opera Browser on the go! Simply download the browser and add it to your USB. You can then carry the entire browser from one PC to the other while saving all the databases in the USB itself. The best part is that it doesn’t leave any data in the host PC so that you can move from one PC to the other without any worries.

With some exemplary features, this browser has got a loyal fan-following for itself. Without much ado, let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

An Abundance of Features

The [email protected] browser is light and makes the access to your favorite websites easy through its speed dial tab. Zooming in and out of a page is also made easy by the zoom bar that appears at the bottom-left of the browser. If you have a slow net connection, this browser can help you out with that as well. All you need to do is to enable Opera Turbo at the bottom-right corner of the browser and see your websites load faster than ever!

The [email protected] browser is even more useful for those who wish to take down quick notes from the websites while browsing. There’s an in-built option for taking down notes which opens in a side panel where you can easily type your notes. The browser is fully customizable and you can change its themes with just a few clicks.

Even if you wish to open the very same tabs in another PC, all you need to do is plug out the USB from the old PC, plug it into the new one and start the browser. You’ll be able to continue browsing with all your old data in place.

Closed a tab by mistake? No worries, the browser has got your back. All you need to do is click on the tiny arrow next to the “Minimize” button and you’ll see the complete list of closed tabs right there. Just click on the one you wish to open and you’ll have it! Apart from PCs, Opera has also expanded its network to mobiles.

Opera for mobiles comes with a multitude of features that make it a great browser for Android users. The first and most important one being ad blocking. Mobile ads during browsing can create a terrible experience. They are intrusive and make you shift between tabs to reach your content. With just two taps, you can enable the adblocker in Opera! All you need to do is click on the red O and enable the adblocker.

If you’re running low on data, you can simply turn on the data saver. You can select between low, medium, and high data savings to compress the images during browsing.

Some websites may not have a great mobile interface. In such cases, you can use the Opera Browser to load the desktop version. You could also force text wrapping to make the text fit into your screen. Some websites may not allow you to zoom in. But with Opera, you can do that as well. The browser also lets you sync all your data between your mobile and the desktop versions of the browser.

If you have a habit of reading late at night in the dark, Opera Browser’s night mode can be of great assistance. You can enable it and select the brightness level that suits your eyes to avoid straining them.

The browser also lets you save offline pages so that you can access them during times when you don’t have any network connection. It also boasts of an in-built pop-up blocker. If you love customizations, you can personalize the theme and the layout of the browser.

Stacking Up Against The Big-Wigs

Opera may have a host of great features. However, that doesn’t stop us from comparing it with the industry leaders like Google Chrome, Firefox, and UC Browser.

Due to its wide variety of features, Google Chrome is the most popular browser out there on both mobiles and desktops. Chrome has an in-built data saver that compresses images to make it easy for you to browse when the network is slower. You can also browse without any sort of cookies and history by using its Incognito Mode. If you wish to use the desktop version of your website, you can enable the desktop mode and browse easily. Chrome stands out for its casting feature where you can easily cast your videos from within the browser.

Even in the PC version, Chrome stands out with its easy-to-use interface and a multitude of features that make life easier for the person browsing.

Mozilla Firefox, on the other hand, doesn’t enjoy as much popularity as the others on mobiles. It provides features that are similar to that of Google Chrome. You can do private browsing without any data being stored on your device. Similarly, the desktop versions of websites can be accessed easily with a single tap. You can also enhance your browsing experience further by using add-ons that you can add from within the app itself! Just like Chrome, Firefox supports casting too. Using Chromecast and Roku, you can cast videos directly.

Firefox on PC is a close competitor of Chrome and offers almost every feature that Chrome offers. This makes it a formidable browser on PCs.

UC Browser has the advantage of coming in multiple languages, both regional and international. This makes the browser available to a wider audience. The UI of this browser is slightly complicated compared to the others and that is one disadvantage of using it. However, it does come with the option of choosing multiple themes to style it and has a night mode to ensure reading comfort at night. You can also enable the data saver to save up on data when you’re short on it. The home page shows multiple viral videos and trending stories you can check out easily too. If you wish to browse incognito, then the browser has that option available for you too.

Opera, on the contrary, doesn’t feature any incognito or private browsing modes. It also doesn’t have the feature to cast videos directly from the browser like Firefox and Chrome. However, it does take the cake when it comes to the data saver. No other browser offers the flexibility to choose the extent of compression but Opera does. Similarly, the night mode of Opera can also be customized to suit your needs and you can adjust the brightness from within the app itself! It’s ad blocker also takes your browsing experience to a whole new level.

On the desktops, you can choose between the Opera Browser and [email protected] The latter comes with unique features such as Opera Turbo and Notes. It also brings about the flexibility to be used in any PC just by plugging in the USB. This is one feature that makes this browser stand out and makes it extremely user-friendly as well. 

Opera Browser: The Good and The Bad

Opera Browser performs extremely well in some aspects while it fails at others miserably. Here are the pros and cons of this browser.


  • Adblocker
  • Data saver with multiple options of compression
  • Night mode with flexible brightness
  • Text wrapping
  • Ability to load the desktop version
  • Forced zooming option for websites that don’t allow zooming
  • Sync between devices
  • Possible to save pages offline
  • Private browsing facility available
  • Able to carry in USB anywhere


  • Lacks the casting feature
  • Adblocker doesn’t have a lot of controls
  • Multiple ads on the speed dial page

Final Thoughts

Opera is a solid web browser that works extremely well on both mobiles and PCs. The [email protected] feature makes it easy for you to take your browser around from one PC to the other. The data saver, option to save offline pages and adblocker make the entire browsing experience much better on mobiles.

Which browser is the best according to you? Let us know in the comments!