Secure Your Data On The Cloud With Cryptomator

Our data is precious and we want to keep it in a safe place. While a lot of us store it in hard drives, with the advent of cloud storage, a lot of people have started saving data online. This is due to the added convenience of accessing the data from anywhere in the world without much hassle of carrying it around physically.

However, when your files are uploaded to the cloud, they become susceptible to hackers. In fact, in 2012, in a data breach, the email ids and passwords of about 68 million Dropbox users got compromised. Moreover, these were then put up on the dark web for sale reportedly for 2 bitcoins!

While the cloud platforms themselves have security provisions in place, you may want to add more security for them, especially when there are hackers lurking out there, waiting to steal your data. To protect your account and files, you need to have some client-side encryption. There are many apps out there which can help you in doing this. But few can come close to matching the level of service and encryption that Cryptomator offers.

Encrypt Your Files

Cryptomator is one of the best apps out there for client-side encryption. This open source software is extremely convenient to use because it requires no registration. The company decided to go for an open-source application because trust is of the utmost importance when it comes to security. It’s licensed under GPLv3, so you can not only run the software but even modify it.

Moreover, it’s available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and even Android. This makes your entire process of accessing your files easy as you can do so from any device that you own. The wide range of operating systems that it’s compatible with makes it accessible to a large audience too.

The UI of the app makes it fairly simple to use. All you need to do is create a vault for Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or WebDAV-based cloud storage services. It is also possible for you to create vaults on the local storage of your Android. You will then be required to assign a password and a name for it. The next step is to add all your files to this secure vault that is provided by Cryptomator. It’s that simple!

It encrypts all your files through the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256). But it’s not just your files that are protected; your password is protected too. This is achieved through scrypt. Moreover, whenever the app is sent to the background, the vaults get locked automatically so only you can access the files.

If your phone has a fingerprint lock, then you can even access the vault with that without the password. This makes the process of unlocking your vault even simpler.

Enterprise Solutions

While Cryptomator is free to use for individuals or through an optional donation, its applicability extends into the business domain too. You can reach out to them to white-label Cryptomator for your own cloud storage brands. This way, businesses can license their technology for themselves too.

The company can do this because they are licensed through GNU Affero General Public License for free and open-source software. They even have a commercial license from the FNU Lesser Public License for independent software vendors.

Image via Cryptomator

Moreover, the company has special plans for support of the software too. For those who wish to have free support, there’s the Cryptomator Community that has truckloads of information. You may even ask your questions right there to get answers.

For those who prefer professional support, they have a Pro plan which is priced at a moderate 6 Euros per month. It provides email support during business hours. For those who wish even better support, there’s the Enterprise plan that guarantees a response through email and phone within 2 hours.

Protect Your Data Using Cryptomator Server

The developers of Cryptomator have launched a new service called Cryptomator Server. Taking security a notch above, this server works as a great solution for businesses which want to increase the security of their network drives and corporate cloud.

The Cryptomator Server secures your workspaces through various features such as file encryption, file versioning, and anti-malware. It ensures that every single file that goes to the cloud is encrypted first.

This software is easy to install and comes with audit logs and access management. It also features self-learning security mechanisms that can help your organization achieve GDPR compliance.

It helps you achieve this GDPR compliance because it ensures sufficient protection of personal data. This is done through rights management and encryption just as per GDPR standards.

Just like Cryptomator’s vaults, you can set up workspaces with ease. Every department of your organization can store its data in the respective workspaces. The access control allows you to control who can access these workspaces too.

The Cryptomator Server also scans all the files for viruses and ransomware so that every point is protected. It also provides a user-friendly dashboard that makes it easy to spot any anomalies in data access. This way, you can even spot employees who may be stealing data from you.

How it Matches Up

Boxcryptor is yet another app that provides services similar to Cryptomator. It supports 30 cloud storage operators. These include Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, iCloud, and Amazon Cloud Drive too.

Each file that you add to the Boxcryptor drive can be easily encrypted. Even if you want to edit it, you can just open it and make changes and save it post that.

It’s also available across multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Chrome, and even on portable drives. The best part is that you can sync your encrypted data across all your devices seamlessly.

Just like Cryptomator, Boxcryptor too uses AES-256 encryption. However, unlike Cryptomator, you need to register first to use Boxcryptor. You need to set your password and keep it exceptionally safe as there is NO option to reset the password at a later stage.

For businesses and corporates, there are different plans as well which offer full control of your business cloud. Just like Cryptomator, you can unlock the app using fingerprint if the mobile supports it. It even locks the app when the phone is idle.


Cryptomator Boxcryptor
Open Source Not Open Source
No registration needed Need to register to use the service
Supports major cloud providers and other WebDAV services Supports 30 major cloud storage service providers
Can customize it for your organization, including custom applications Boxcryptor Company and Enterprise can be used by organizations
AES-256 encryption AES-256 and RSA encryption
Supports fingerprint protection Supports fingerprint protection
Need to add cloud accounts manually Automatically detects installed cloud operators and adds them
Can sync data across all the platforms Can sync data across all the supported platforms
Can’t reset the password so must keep it safe Cannot reset the password so need to keep it safe
Available on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux Available on Android, Windows, Chrome, Mac, iOS, and portable drives


It is very important for both individuals and organizations to secure their files. While there are loads of software that make it possible to do so on desktops, for managing clouds from phones and desktops both, you need to rely on apps such as Cryptomator.

This open-source app makes it possible to secure your data via advanced encryption methods. Through a user-friendly interface and just a password to remember, your files can be extremely safe. The wide range of cloud operators that it supports also makes sure that it’s useful to everyone.

The company not only tries to spread its product but even teaches digital self-defense to people. It’s on a selfless mission to make your digital data more secure. This friendly company is just out here to make your life simpler and safer online.