The Top 5 Marathon Apps You Should Look Out For

Marathons are races which go on for miles together and require a tremendous amount of planning, training, and execution. Every major city in the world has its own marathon today but to make the facilities and information more accessible to the participants, a few of them have come up with their own mobile apps.

These apps make the information regarding the marathon available at your fingertips so that you can give all your attention to the run! Here are the best marathon apps in the world.

St. George Marathon

This app’s interface is fairly simple and easy to use. You can comfortably navigate around the app with just a few taps on the screen. However, while it is simple, it looks very plain and dull at the same time. Even the buttons are extremely simple and there’s a lot that could have been done to make them visually appealing. However, it ticks all the right boxes when it comes to the information that it is able to provide its users. The creators have taken great care to include information that is relevant and helpful for every single person who is planning to visit the event. Right from the registration for the marathon to finding your cars, the app has it all covered. You can find maps, videos, photos, sponsors, and more without much effort. Download it now!

Chicago Marathon

Everything that you need to know about the Chicago Marathon is clearly mentioned in this beautifully designed app. The interface and navigation is something that the Chicago Marathon app excels at. It’s colorful, has great navigation and has feeds integrated into it.  This makes it visually attractive and engaging for the users too. You can easily track the runners by their bib numbers or names and can even see the leaderboard and winners of the past races. The maps for the race can also be found along with the points of interest and the relevant information. Seamless integration of social media allows you to share photos, bib numbers, and posts easily. It also includes a gallery, live broadcast, and highlights, along with other media. The weather information, event impact, and charity program information are available too. A complete training program manual has been integrated into the app as well. Download the app here

TCS NYC Marathon

This app is for all those participating and visiting the New York City Marathon. You can easily track the runners through their bib numbers in the app and can even check out the leaderboard. One feature that stands out is the NYRR Race Predictor that allows you to find out how much time you’ll take to finish the marathon just by entering your bib number! The complete map to the marathon is available in the app along with the details of checkpoints. You can also create your very own customized cheer card in the app itself. The app allows you to even watch the race as it unfolds. You can enter sweepstakes and donate for charity as well.

BMW Berlin Marathon

The app for the BMW Berlin Marathon is built with finesse and has fantastic navigation and interface. It allows you to look for hotels where you can stay during the event. This particular marathon app has routes for both runners as well as skaters which are well laid out along with the various points of interests. You can even register for the event directly from the app and track your location through it as well. This app too has a built-in calculator that will help you figure out how much time you’ll take to finish the race. You can also find training plans for both runners and skaters and can click your photos with marathon’s custom filters! Download it now

TATA Mumbai Marathon

Yet another app developed by TCS, this app gives you every essential piece of information about the Mumbai Marathon. The interface is extremely attractive and very colorful while the navigation is fairly simple with navigation buttons at the bottom. You can track the runners through their bib numbers and can even have a look at the maps for the entire marathon. The results too are easily available for both the current marathon and previous years as well. Through simple swipes, you can navigate between social media options, where you can create cards, and information about the race. The app also has an option to click a selfie with customized filters, just like the Berlin Marathon app. Download the app here!

This was our handpicked list of the best marathon apps out there in the world. Keep these handy whenever you’re taking a part in the respective marathons, be it as a spectator or as a participant.