Top KeePass apps for Android and iOS users

For the uninitiated, KeePass is an open-source password manager that stores all your login passwords – to multiple websites, apps, and services – in a well-encrypted vault, which you can finally lock with one master password. Over the years, Keepass has emerged as an extremely reliable tool that helps you save your passwords in an absolutely safe vault (on cloud or offline), without needing to remember them all. If you like the idea of keeping your mobile passwords and information safe, it would be a good idea to install KeePass on your mobile. Here are some of the Top KeePass apps for Android and iOS.

KeePass2Android Password Safe (Link)

This open source app integrates with almost all Android browsers and lets you edit .kdbx files. You can access your passwords from Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, WebDav etc. If you do not want to take chances with any virtual vault, you can use KeePass2Android in offline mode. If that’s not impressive yet, the app comes with a built-in Soft-Keyboard to shield you from clipboard attacks by password sniffers. Under QuickUnlock feature, once you’ve locked your database with a long, robust password, you can unlock it by typing a few characters (usually the last three) of your password. Rated a staggering 4.6, this app enjoys over 1 million users. Download KeePass2Android App on your smartphone to join the club.

Keepass2Android Offline (Link)

From the stable of the developers of the KeePass2Android Password Safe (Croco Apps), Keepass2Android Offline is another popular app that lets you read and write the .kdbx files. This .kdbx is the file type of the database format used by 2.x Password Safe for Windows, and other desktop OS. The backend uses the original KeePass libraries, which provide format compatibility and file access. Keepass2Android Offline comes with QuickUnlock with partial password, an integrated soft Keyboard to prevent password sniffers, and is compatible with almost every Android browser. Download the app here

KeePassDroid (Link)

Another wildly popular and high-rated KeePass app for Android, KeePassDroid is simple yet feature-packed. It supports reading and writing for both the versions of KeePass, including password generation and Google Drive support. Two things that can improve with KeePassDroid are its aesthetics and user-friendliness, and the frequency of updating, replying to reviews. Nevertheless, it remains a popular choice with a 4.6 rating and over a million installs. You can download the app from apkmonk.

MiniKeePass (Link)






Good samaritans of the KeePass community have created some open-source apps for iOS users as well. The most notable among these is MiniKeePass. While it’s not the newest kid on the block, it sure works robustly and without any glitches, making it an ideal iOS app for KeePass users. Like all other open-source KeePass apps worth their salt, it lets you create, view and edit KeePass 1.x and 2.x files. You can also search for entries from the top of tables, like in Mail. MiniKeePass supports – in a secure environment – auto-filling the login information while browsing Safari. You can use a PIN to safeguard your database of passwords, which are encrypted as KeyPass files. Sync can happen through Dropbox folders. It works on your iPad as well.

KyPass 4 – Password Manager (Link)

KyPass enjoys high popularity amongst the KeePass community of iOS users. With a rating of 4.4, the app helps you protect your passwords by using the same database format as KeePass. Besides the hygiene set of features, the latest V4 built has several improvements and enhancements. It gives complete details about the database including KDB version, encryption parametres and change date etc. KyPass 4 also gives you item count in the folder, a local Webserver to export, a magnified password view for easier reading, and moving entries and folders among various other features. What’s exciting is that it has it’s own custom-built (and not scaled) iPad version with split view. Could there be more features in a password manager? Install this app on your iOS and find out. While this is a paid app, you can always use the free version which comes with 2 GB space, which is more than what most users will ever need to store their databases.

This was our handpicked list of top (and free) KeePass apps for Android and iOS users. Start taking password-protection seriously and install one you fancy already!